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HISPANO SUIZA 30/40CV 1911 series 84 Landaullet Reynes in original condition, totally made in spain with Landaulet Reynes bodywork made in Spain, (tarragona), the car is majestic, you only have to see the car next to it to realize the size of this beast, a preciousness of those years, when the car began to wake up, it It went from cars pulled by animals to these cars capable of reaching 100 kilometers per hour, in the 1910s this was the maximum that could be purchased together with RR and Daimler, a car in original condition, built on the basis of a truck or of a bus of the time, 4 cylinders of two blocks with 4, 710cc... that gave a power of 43 horses, it was the engine that was installed in the buses or trucks of the time, that in 1910 it was one of the more powerful and luxurious cars, noble woods and unimaginable finishes, a true jewel of the time, a relic of the automobile industry.

This car has been in storage for many years, it needs a start up.


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