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Georges Richard 4cv
Restoration project.
original car
The first car that came to the city of Valencia Spain, 1899.
It is a 99% complete project, it will be sold as is, you need to build the water tank for cooling and the fuel tank for operation.
A businessman bought it in the city of Marseille, France in 1899. This businessman was related to the sale of wines from the area of the city of Alicante. The car arrived at the seaport of Valencia in 1899. According to his grandson, his grandfather told that the car came packed in a large wooden box and his grandfather remembers how they took it off the ship, it was the first car without animals that arrived in the city of Valencia, with a 1-cylinder De dion bouton engine in operation, a ratio of two-speed open-air transmission, open-air brakes on the drums themselves, it is a very interesting project that has unfortunately been abandoned due to illness.
It is a vehicle that has always been in the family.
French car that is very difficult to find.


GEORGES RICHARD (1894 – 1901)

Georges Richard and his brother Maxime created a bicycle business in Paris in 1893. Years later, between 1896 and 1897, they manufactured their first belt-drive cars, which were virtually identical to Benzes.

In 1899 the firm reorganized and introduced larger cars with horizontal front engines, but still using belt transmission.

To expand its range of models, it obtained a license to produce the Belgian Vivinus voiturette. This vehicle was also belt driven but had a single vertical cylinder air-cooled engine. During the following years, several hundred of these vehicles were manufactured, not only those manufactured by Georges Richard but also those manufactured by his father's firm in New Orleans (England) and the Dietrich firm in Germany.

Georges Richard did not want to be left behind technologically, so in 1901 he hired the services of Charles-Henri Brasier, who until then had been Mors' main engineer.

Cars of advanced design were introduced, and in 1902 the Brasier name was added to the Company's products and was renamed the brand RICHARD-BRASIER (1902 - 1907) (See history).

In 1904, Georges Richard and his brother left the Company to found UNIC (1904-1939) (See history), and RICHARD-BRASIER was later renamed simply BRASIER (1907-1930) (See history).


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