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1923 Hispano Suiza pace-car "Aerodynamic Terramar Special"

HISPANO SUIZA 1923 Hispano Suiza Race-car "Aerodynamic Terramar Special", this car is unique. Built in 1923 for the opening day of the sensational Circuito Oval Terramar (located just outside Sitges, near Barcelona). This aerodynamic racer CAR is a very special Hispano-Suiza designed by engineer Jacques Koch. The car was made by mixing parts from some of the models produced at that time in Barcelona: the chassis was from a 16 hp model, suitably lightened and shortened to 3.5 metres. The engine used was the Type 32 “Spain”, of 4,712 cc. ATTENTION, the engine, the cylinder head, the gearbox are absolutely new, the body was carefully created in aluminum following the aeronautical regulations of the time, and in the first tests the car easily reached 150 km/h on the oval of Sitges, (Barcelona, ??Spain), but this car never participated in any official race, it was only used as a "Pilot car" (safety car) in the inaugural race of Terramar, since the race was for cars only of 1,500 cc” unfortunately the life of this car ended prematurely the next day, when it crashed into a ditch during tests on the circuit, this jewel in the history of the Spanish automotive industry has only one known owner in Spain, Don Emilio Polo , is currently in private hands and is for sale, and it could not be other than AUTOS CLASSIC CARS, it is being put on the market for private collectors from anywhere in the world, since we can send it where you want, you can visit if you want,
It is sold as an unfinished project, the car was in the process of being restored and for personal reasons it was abandoned and put up for sale.
the car is complete in its entirety.


Hispano Suiza Race-car "Aerodynamic Terramar Specia

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