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Fiat 503 also Torpedo was a mid-range car produced by the Italian company Fiat between 1926 and 1927.

The Fiat 503 model has the same mechanics as the previous Fiat 501 and 502 models, but its chassis is longer than the aforementioned models and its engine is more powerful, with 27 HP of power at 3, 000 rpm, although it still maintains the same displacement (1, 460 cc and 4 cylinders). The Fiat Torpedo model also has a 4-speed manual gearbox. Unlike previous models, it has four-wheel brakes and rear-wheel drive.

Its ignition system is by magnets, using a crank.

It has 4 seats (Bench Type) + 2 auxiliary seats in the back (inverted) and reaches a maximum speed of 75 km/ h.

The model was produced for only two years, but 42, 421 units were produced, in sedan, limousine and convertible versions.

Fiat 503, also known as Fiat Torpedo, was registered in 1926 and is preserved in an excellent finish. The state of the restoration as well as the road running condition are optimal. It has new tires, new canvas roof, current documentation and original Soria registration.

Fiat 503 specifications:

Fiat Torpedo engine:
4 cylinders in line with 1460 cc.
Side valves
27 HP at 2, 600 rpm.
Fiat Torpedo Suspension:
Front: Rigid axle with lateral elastics
Rear: Rigid axle with lateral elastics
Wheelbase: 2750 mm.
Track (front / rear): 1400 mm / 1400 mm.
Fiat Torpedo Brakes: Drums on all four wheels.
Fiat Torpedo box: 4-speed manual.
Weight Fiat Torpedo: Sedan: 1, 100 kg


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