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We have two land rover series 1 station wagon from 1954, in green and gray, the green color belonged to the Spanish army, it was a military unit, it is completely complete and 100x100 restored, the engine is restored , the gearbox is restored, the differentials, the wheels, the doors, the lights, the electrical system, the entire chassis is completely restored, it only needs to be assembled, it is an aluminum unit with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine and it matches the chassis number.

The gray unit is completely complete and needs restoration, it is a unit that belonged to the Spanish police, it is a matching machine with a gasoline engine but it needs to be restored, it is completely complete.

They can be sold together or individually, we will listen to the buyers' requests, there are also replacement parts that will be sold with the unit to restore.

Land Rover series 1, (2unids)

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