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 Classic Cars
Make: Overland
Model: 59-T
Year: 1912
Can be picked up in: Spain - with Spanish registration - 18588 kilometers - In good condition
Overland 59 T Roadster from 1912 in very good condition.

Car in perfect condition, very careful. Recently restored bodywork, with the inclusion of the original rear seat, which was missing.

Powerful inline four cylinder engine with independent blocks running smoothly. It has an original odometer of the time.

High quality tufted upholstery and hood in perfect condition. American "Non Skyd" type tires like the original ones of the time.

Brand Overland
Model type 59 T
Year 1912
Located in: Spain
Roadster body style
Odometer reading 18,588 km
Registration papers with Spanish registration
Manual gearbox
Gasoline fuel
Yellow color
Condition (general) In good condition


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