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This unit is a unit manufactured in 1989, it is the “TL” version, white in color and with an 845 cm3 inline 4-cylinder engine, and 4-speed manual transmission. It is a car that has been preserved to this day and, maintaining its originality, has obvious signs of use. With only one owner in its life, it retains its total originality, completely free of rust and without accidents, it has only traveled 56,000 km in these years. , original paint, the appropriate periodic inspections have been carried out with satisfactory results, the periodic inspections have been carried out and everything has been carried out at the Renault dealership. The upholstery and its entire interior are in very good condition and without wear, everything in its original factory condition, as well as the rest of the elements. clear and up-to-date documentation. It is a very good unit for those looking for a robust and low-consumption classic. The typical Spanish 4 cans cannot be missing from your collection. It can be sent anywhere in the world upon request.


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